Our Coachings


Conception & Moderation of Innovation Workshops

We conceptualize and moderate your workshops using Design Thinking methods.


Graphic Recording

Whether conferences, events or presentations of any kind - with our live visual recording, presentations are summarized in a memorable and appealing way. 


Demand Analysis

We support you by analyzing the needs of the future users before or during the implementation phase in a technology-independent way.



Depending on your needs, we will develop a suitable prototype for you or together with you.


Design Thinking Coaching

Collaborate with us to find innovative solutions to any even abstract question.


Usability Coaching

Collaborate with us to make solutions usable.


Journey Maps

We use Journey Maps as a schematic representation to show the user perspective along a scenario. The interfaces between users, technologies, objects, applications and service employees are listed and can be analyzed and improved through the clear structure. 


Strategy Picture

A strategy picture depicts very complex processes in a logical and sequential structure. It is a process-accompanying visualization support and is often used for change processes, project plans, team building measures and much more.