Demand Analysis

IT projects can fail even though they have been implemented technically correct. A common reason is that the implemented functions do not correspond to the stakeholders’ needs. Fraunhofer FIT supports you by analyzing the needs of the future users before or during the implementation phase in a technology-independent way. We use human-centered methods, such as context analyses, diary studies or focus groups, and derive the demands that your system should fulfil.


We provide you with a list of demands that you can implement directly. In cooperation with you and your stakeholders, we evaluate the demands for technical feasibility and priority for stakeholders. 

Subject Source Demand Technical Feasibility Priority
Communication "I'd like to get involved. I have many ideas for improvements." The user must be able to submit suggestions for improvement to decision-makers in order to feel valued. simple medium
Communication "We have a company suggestion scheme, but I don't use it because I have the feeling that it does not reach the ears of the management. I have never heard any feedback." The user must know what has happened to his proposal in order not to have the feeling of being ignored. difficult very high
Security "We work with hazardous substances. During the introduction, we were told that hand hygiene before lunch is important, but this is often forgotten in practice." The user must be encouraged to wash hands before lunch in order to reduce the health hazard. very difficult low


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