Design Thinking Factory – innovative, usable, applied

Design Thinking Factory – Get FIT for Innovation

Who we are...

Our interdisciplinary team with diverse skillset and profound knowledge about different research areas, is suited for teaching and supporting you in thinking "out of the box" and in developing user-centered solutions.

What we do...

We combine Design Thinking with User-Centered Design and make use of the Fraunhofer network of expertises. At a glance, we help you define WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Subsequently, we can implement the developed concepts for you.

Your Benefits

Our Design Thinking expertise enables you to increase your competitiveness by generating more and better innovative solutions. Our Usability expertise supports you in making these solutions  usable. Overall, this will help you improve your adaptability and thus safety to hold ground with changing markets.


Design Thinking with Fraunhofer

Design Thinking is a process which fosters creativity and user-centricity. It is particularly useful for innovating on existing products and processes or for venturing into a new domain.


Design Thinking Crash Course

The introduction into the topic Design Thinking. Learn basic principles and gain insight into all phases of the process.


Ideation Workshop

Explore creative thinking techniques and learn to quickly generate out-of-the-box ideas!


Expertise & Collaboration

Ideas arise by reason of different perspectives. Different skills & knowledge in various areas help us in finding user-centered solutions. If you want to get to know us better, you can have a look...