Strategy Picture

A clear picture of what you want to achieve

A strategy picture depicts very complex processes in a logical and sequential structure. It is a process-accompanying visualization support and is often used for change processes, project plans, team building measures, visions, goals, ideas or concepts. End products can be classic strategy maps, overview images of corporate structures, visual project plans, metaphors for complex processes or mission or target images.


Working method

Strategic visualization and process support are mutually dependent. For this reason, the development of a strategy picture usually extends over various process steps, e.g. in several workshops. The whole team actively works out and visualizes the essential contents together with a moderator as well as an illustrator. 

Subsequently, we work with you to develop suitable final formats (PowerPoint, PDF, Intranet, etc.) that are tailored to your workflows. Digital drawing not only allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to change requests, but also to create high-resolution print media for you.


Benefits & Advantages

  • the strategy is made visually tangible by packaging the vision into a memorable story
  • misunderstandings are minimized and communication within the team is strengthened 
  • the discussion of the topic in the group is promoted
  • the participants feel connected to the strategy because their needs are addressed. It also strengthens transparency and cohesion within the team

Example: Strategy Picture of the Fraunhofer Training Center FIT

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