Journey Maps

We use Journey Maps as a schematic representation to show the user perspective along a certain scenario. The interfaces between users, technologies, objects, applications and service employees are listed and can be analyzed and improved using the clear structure. A storyboard is integrated within the Journey Map, which serves as a visual orientation and reference to get a better understanding of the scenario. Based on this preparation work, problems can be better identified and potential solutions for specific situations as well as interactions can be planned.


How it works

After the context and scenario of a specific application is worked out, the visually prepared scenario (storyboard) follows, which shows the temporal sequence of the use of an application. Along the sequences, important aspects for the application are expressed, listed (e.g. type of interaction, user satisfaction, problems, etc.) and defined. 


Benefits & Advantages

  • enables a visual and transparent representation of the user's point of view, from which information can be quickly extracted and analyzed
  • helps to get a better understanding of the application or process, as well as to uncover problems and potentials
  • design new, more successful applications because problems can be accurately addressed and solved

Example: Journey Map on the topic of organizing a hackathon with the help of the "Veedel for Real" application for the citizens' initiative

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