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Our Services


Ideation Workshop

Experience how to generate innovative ideas.

Grab your place at the next Ideation Workshop.


Design Thinking Coaching

Collaborate with us to find innovative solutions to any even abstract question.


Design Thinking Crash Course

The introduction into the topic Design Thinking. Learn basic principles and gain insight into all phases of the process.


Conception & Moderation of Innovation Workshops

We conceptualize and moderate your workshops using Design Thinking methods.


Demand Analysis

We support you by analyzing the needs of the future users before or during the implementation phase in a technology-independent way. 



Depending on your needs, we will develop a suitable prototype for you or together with you.



We implement your new IT solutions, working as co-designers with your staff right from the start.


Hire our Experts

Are you missing specific expertises in your innovation team? Fill it up with our experts.


Usability & UX Course

Learn how to make products usable.

Grab your place at the next certification course.


Usability Coaching

Collaborate with us to make solutions usable.


Marc Jentsch

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