Visual Thinking

Thinking with the pen

Visual Thinking is the graphical translation of complex issues. It offers the possibility to structure, communicate and present information, ideas, thoughts and facts in a pictorial form. It is a method of storytelling in which explicit, but above all implicit knowledge is described in the form of leitmotifs, symbols, metaphors or other means of rhetoric.

Whether in an explanatory video, infographic, moving image or even as a visual live documentation of your event - we help you implement your ideas in an exciting and targeted way.

Visual storytelling: your message packaged in a visual story

Stories connect contexts, perspectives, and facts to give our understanding a better overall picture. Whether explaining product applications or processes, visual storytelling can be used in a variety of areas to resolve issues of comprehension and to communicate effectively.

Working method

Together, we develop a storyboard that fits your needs and consists of visual sequences that include characters, perspectives and contexts. Afterwards, you can use the videos or graphics we create to accomplish your goals. 

Benefits / Advantages

  • Complex facts and processes are made understandable
  • Versatile application and dissemination possibilities, e.g. to support workshops, meetings or to be used as a communication tool (social media, websites, etc.)
  • Central messages can be well communicated in a targeted manner and in a short period of time.

Graphic Recording: A documentation of your event in real time (remote or on-site)

Whether conferences, events or presentations of any kind - our live visual transcripts summarize presentations in a memorable and engaging way. The goal is to link the different views of the speakers, to achieve a common understanding of the participants.

How it works

The most important ideas of your event or webinar are visually documented in real time, either live on a large mural or remotely via video screen. The result is then made available to you and the participants as a »Big Picture«.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Dry or complex issues are visually documented simply and comprehensibly, so that everyone can understand.
  • Participants are more attentive due to the parallel recorded development process of the picture. This promotes motivation to participate, stimulates individual creativity, and encourages interactive dialog.
  • Through illustration, the memory capacity is increased and the content remains longer in the memory of the participants.


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