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Especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are implementing home office protocols and moving away from requirements for an in-office presence. With this in mind, they are faced with the following question: How can collaboration between colleagues be maintained? The tools used for this purpose are one important component. Online tools can be used for:

  • communication (video conferencing, chat, ...)
  • collaborative document editing (whiteboards, wikis, office documents...)
  • collaborative organization (calendars, ...)
  • and collaborative document storage

For each of these areas, there are many different tools with different advantages and disadvantages. This makes it difficult for companies to choose the best option for their individual needs. However, once that decision is made, the next challenge is helping employees to familiarize themselves with the new tools.

Our services for companies

  • We start with a survey and analysis of your current situation and existing processes
  • We advise you on the selection of the most suitable tools for communication, collaboration, document storage, etc.
  • We introduce your employees to the tools by explaining their functionalities and sharing best practices

We equip you with best tools for your situation, in order to work efficiently in your home office setting. In addition, we show your employees how to use the tools, so that the start-up runs smoothly.


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